Monstera Plant Tips

Monsteras are very recognizable plants with big and beautiful leaves. As they’re tropical plants, they can be tough to take care of if you live in a colder climate, but even then, you can be successful with these plants. With these tips, even beginning plant parents will be able to take care of a Monstera. They’re low-maintenance plants that are great for any beginning plant owner. Monsteras are also very flexible when it comes to light requirements

The Monstera prefers in bright, indirect sunlight. This is a tropical plant and thrives if you can give it the light it gets in its native environment. In nature, it’s on the ground under large trees in very sunny areas, so this plant loves bright, indirect sunlight. Make sure to avoid too much direct sunlight in the summer because this could cause burn marks on those big and beautiful leaves. As the Monstera is near the ground in nature, it can tolerate low light but this will make it grow much slower. The plant needs light to be able to grow. If you keep the Monstera in an area that’s too dark, its leaves will turn yellow. If you see this happen, it’s a sign that you should move the plant to a better-lit environment.

Monsteras are tropical plants, which means they like to sit in moist soil. When it comes to watering, it needs to be watered as soon as the soil at the top of the pot is dry. You can check this by using a moisture meter or your finger. If the top 5 cm (2 inches) is dry, it’s time to water your plant. It’s best to not let the soil dry out too much because its leaves will start to droop. When this happens, you need to water the plant as soon as possible, because your Monstera is at risk of drying out. Another sign that your plant is starting to dry out is when you notice brown and crispy edges on the leaves. If you water the Monstera too much or too often, the plant will also tell you. When you overwater the monster, its leaves will turn yellow.

Monsteras like moist soil, but don’t deal with wet soil very well. To help give the Monstera the right amount of moisture to thrive in, you should use well-draining soil. You can avoid letting water sit at the bottom of the pot by choosing a pot with a draining hole at the bottom. The soil will retain all the water your Monstera needs to thrive, but any excess will be drained out of the bottom.

Monsteras love humidity. They thrive in high humid places because it resembles their native environments. Because of this, it’s a great idea to mist your Monstera every day. If you have a humidifier in your house, this is also a great solution.

Monsteras grow relatively fast. This means that it’s always a good idea to get a pot that’s a little bigger than its roots currently are. This gives the plant plenty of space to grow. If your monstera does well and grows consistently, you have to repot it about every two years. That’s when it starts to outgrow the pot it’s currently in and it’ll need more space. If you think that it has grown enough and you don’t want it to grow any larger, you can also choose to stop repotting it and prune it back to a size that you prefer. This helps to keep the growth in check.

After you’ve finished reading this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to take care of these beautiful tropical plants. If you need more you can leave a question in the comment box below.

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