Old man Cactus

Old Man Cactus is one of the easier cactuses to care for, especially when you follow these easy care instructions. The name is unique because it  gets its name thanks to the long, white hair-like hair that stands out of the spiked column that makes up the whole plant. 

By placing the cactus in your home with as much light as possible. I would suggest placing your plant in a South-facing window. Think of the window that gets a lot of sun. The more suited the window is. If you manage to give the plant enough light, the thicker and longer their hairs will be.  When watering the cactus, be sure to wait at least several days before watering again. A good rule of thumb is waiting for the soil to dry out completely. One of the most common reasons why the Old Man Cactus dies is because people tend to over-water their plants. You mustn’t water your succulents when you feel the soil is still wet. A great idea would be planting your succulent in well-draining succulent soil.The Old Man Cactus is a slow-growing cactus, so it might take several years for your plant to grow up a pot size. When you finally re pot, be sure to change the soil as well. 

The plant thrives on warm, dry air with enough sunlight. The long hairs you notice standing out of the plant are there to cool the plant down. As the plant grows, it will grow slowly if planted in a pot while when grown outdoors, it can reach up to 13m (45 feet). Most people prefer growing the Old Man Cacti indoor, where it will stay small and easy to care for.

By following the steps above you should have a thriving and cool cactus in your home!

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