No slugs allowed!

 Five ways to prevent slugs in your garden

  1. Remove hiding spots: Slugs love to hide in dark and damp places during the day, so removing potential hiding spots can help reduce their numbers. Clean up garden debris, such as fallen leaves, and remove any unnecessary items, such as pots or rocks, that can provide a moist and sheltered environment.
  2. Encourage natural predators: Encouraging natural predators like birds, frogs, and toads to your garden can help control the slug population. You can create a habitat for these creatures by providing water sources and shelter, such as birdhouses or frog habitats.
  3. Use physical barriers: Creating physical barriers around your plants can help prevent slugs from reaching them. You can use materials like copper tape, eggshells, or sandpaper around the base of your plants to create a rough surface that slugs will avoid.
  4. Avoid overwatering: Slugs thrive in damp environments, so avoid overwatering your garden. Water your plants deeply but less frequently, allowing the top layer of soil to dry out before watering again. This will create a less favorable environment for slugs.
  5. Use natural deterrents: There are many natural deterrents that can help keep slugs away from your garden. Some examples include diatomaceous earth, which can be sprinkled around plants to create a barrier that slugs will avoid, or using a garlic spray or a solution of water and vinegar to repel them.

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